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To become a subscriber to the Old and New Website send an email to: with the subject line "Subscribe." Subscribers recieve emails with links to all new articles and comments as they are posted.      
To become a supporter of the Old and New Project please send an email to: 
editors@oldandnewproject.netPut "supporter request" in the subject line. Include your name, age, gender and nationality, plus a phone number where you can be reached and whatever other information about yourself (current and previous political affiliations, areas of activity, etc.) you think it would be helpful for us to know.

To become an endorsing organization send an email to: with "organizational endorsement" in the subject line. Include a bit about your organization, responsible individual, website and other contact information. 

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Our policy is to simply accept all endorsements and list those sending us a "supporter request" or "organizational endorsement" emails on the website unless a present supporter raises a question or objection within two weeks. (See other policies regarding endorsements and acceptances here.)