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About the "Old and New" Project

The “Old and New” declaration was originally drafted in the Fall of 2013. It then circulated for a few months, gradually gaining endorsements. In January 2014 those who had signed on did an assessment and felt that while we were at the initial target number that had been set for launching a website, there was not yet a sufficient diversity among us. We decided to continue reaching out until we could present a list of at least ten signers with no more than one-third white men. As you can see we have surpassed that threshold. The project was, therefore, publicly launched on September 19. 2014.
We have also pledged ourselves to maintain an editorial committee for this website which will not be more than one-third white men, also to put up threads for discussion which will be initiated at least fifty percent by women or people of color. The editors are mandated to take steps to make sure diversity is represented in other comments that are posted as well. 
About “Supporters,” Organizational Endorsements, and our “Policy Council”:
We welcome everyone to express their support/endorsement of this project. All supporters and endorsing organizations will be listed on the website. They are consulted on policy questions, may nominate members of the Policy Council, and vote on the composition of that council.

To become a supporter an individual simply has to 
send an email to, putting "Supporter Request" in the subject line. (For organizational endorsements click here.) The request will be reviewed by all present supporters. If there is no question or objection raised within two weeks of submission the request will be accepted. If there is a question or objection raised that question/objection will be relayed to the applicant who will then be given an opportunity to respond. Further process will be determined by the Policy Council. The Policy Council may accept a new supporter about whom a question has been raised, or new organizational endorsement, at any time by a two-thirds majority vote. 
The initial Policy Council consists of the formal signers of the declaration. The supporters as a whole will periodically review the policy council to add or drop individuals, with an understanding that at no time may the Policy Council have more than one-third white male membership. The Policy Council is empowered to review the work of the editorial committee and consider any questions that any supporter considers it useful or necessary to raise. The Policy Council will, in turn, consult with supporters on questions that come before it and, after a reasonable period of time, resolve all issues (other than the acceptance of a supporter or endorsement) by a simple majority vote.