Why I Am interested in the Old and New Project


Jacqui Patterson (a subscriber to the Old and New website): The material on your website is substantive. It definitely resonated. With my current state of inundation, all I can do right now is try to follow your conversations and spread the word. But let me thank you for coordinating this important discourse and action.


Mike Frank (a supporter of the Old and New project): The declaration of intent for this project describes the left as divided between those who believe that we are in an entirely new situation and those who believe that nothing fundamental about capitalism has changed. I think this captures much of the divide in the left very well.  The declaration further states that both perspectives are true, that what is valid from our old perspective must be retained and what is new about the current situation must be grasped. The project hopes to create, from the very beginning, a group with a diverse gender, racial and generational composition that represents different tendencies and is engaged across the whole spectrum of social struggles. We cannot say whether this particular attempt will be successful or not, but I believe it is worth our effort to take it as far as we can so that even if ultimately not successful we will have gathered and developed cadre who are committed to the task of creating the kind of revolutionary organization that is so clearly needed. 


Deborah Engel-Di Mauro (signer of the Old and New declaration): I'm convinced that the world really could be a happier place, but that we'll need to change quite a lot in order to make it that way. The first step for me is to engage in thoughtful and productive discussions with others who are dissatisfied with the current social/economic/political order. We need to consider what actions to take to create a healthier, more liberated world, and we need to approach our discussions with minds open both to new ideas and historical precedents. The Old and New project aims to provide just this kind of forum


Matt Meyer (supporter of the Old and New project): With the US empire crumbling and gnashing its monstrous teeth in death throes, with the world in crisis which must be seen as opportunity, now is clearly the time for bold, new movements and ideas. The old left in the US had its day, and the new left made its contributions, but we are clearly in need of an even newer left: one that moves us beyond the under-developed state which the US left has been in for decades. I am excited about this new initiative and web site not only because of the diverse, exciting, experienced, and visionary individuals involved, but also because it struggles to transcend our current moment and build for a better collective future. Liberation must be the product of many approaches to revolutionary work. I look forward to reading and arguing about those approaches, strategies, tactics, and ideologies with these people and on these electronic pages.